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Each of us longs for home. More than a physical space, we each desire the sense of feeling at home. But where do we find that? Why do some places feel more like home than others? How do we create home when we live far away from what feels familiar?

Finding Home explores all this and more. My writing draws from years of research, my doctorate in mythological studies and depth psychology, and from my own personal experience. (I admit, I’ve moved around a bit.)

Some posts are personal, others are more informational. Spirituality, mythology, psychology, design, landscape, pets, traditions, and travel are all woven together to consider the aching question of where and how we find home… wherever we are.

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About me

I’ve moved around a bit. Not a rolling stone, not an intrepid traveler, not lost and searching… rather, life unfolds and has called me to various places. The longest I lived in one place was in a small town in Idaho. I loved it. But after I completed my PhD, I knew it was time to leave. (Btw, my dissertation was titled “The Psychology of Home: An Archetypal Study of Relationship to Place”.)

I’ve learned a lot, from my own experiences and from the experiences of others. I understand how people and places become imprinted on us, how they can trigger the “Ah, yes! This feels right” sense of comfort and belonging. And I want to share these insights with you.

I also believe that finding home often requires a hero's journey. We each need to leave home at some point and then find our way back. And that isn’t easy. It is fraught with tests and trials, loneliness, homesickness, and doubts. I’ve been there. And if you have ever experienced this too, well, maybe my musings will help.

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