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Each of us longs for home. More than a physical space, we each desire the sense of feeling at home. But where do we find that? Why do some places feel more like home than others? How do we create home when we live far away from what feels familiar?

Finding Home explores all this and more.

Finding Home is for anyone who believes that home is more than a house, more than the place you grew up, and certainly more than current popular trends. It is for anyone who believes that finding and creating home is a personal journey, a journey to becoming your best self.

Some posts are personal, others are more informational. Spirituality, mythology, psychology, pets, traditions, travel, and more are all woven together to consider the aching question of where and how we find home… wherever we are.

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Insights to finding home & creating home from a home researcher who has lived in many places. Using psychology, myth, popular culture, religion, the hero's journey, and more.


Infinitely curious about people and places that feel like home. Melding my graduate research with other's experiences and my own, I muse on the things that make us feel connected. Along the way, I found home in Sicily and I’m not even Italian.