How we connect to home and to people who feel like home often has a lot to do with our family of origin.

Nothing else compares to losing your father because the role of Father is very unique.
I appreciate my mom more since she's been gone than when she was alive. And I miss her like crazy.
What do Harry Potter, Little Women, and Lady Bird have in common? They all have interesting representations of Mom. Where the Wild Things Are does too.
When it's time for assisted living. In the end, it's easy to let go of things. Our parents may be more willing than we know to move on.
We all have a need to belong. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, belonging is smack in the middle of the pyramid, right there with love.
There are a whole lot of moms who do not love their children as we expect mothers to and who do not provide the things a child needs to grow up feeling…
Things have changed a lot in recent years, yet the archetypes of Mother and Father remain. And the function of these archetypes is still important…
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