Meditations & Musings

Thoughts on living that have everything to do with home.

I discovered mold in my home last week, at first forcing me to let go of some things. But then I had a choice of what to keep and what to release. And…
The 10 Year Challenge Redux* I spent most of my life not feeling comfortable with how I look. The currently popular #10YearChallenge is helping me…
(Interiority and a Happy Snail) Learning to be present and comfortable with solitude.
A few days before my mom died, she told me, “I’m dying. It’s okay, I’ve seen that it is all okay.”  My mother was going home.
To be tethered is to be connected, fastened, bound, or confined.  To be tethered is to be home.
Is it really a home if it has a nightclub in it? A 10,000-bottle wine cellar? A beauty salon and juice bar?
Living – really living – is a perpetual act of suicide.
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