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Thoughts on living that have everything to do with home.

The 10 Year Challenge Redux* I spent most of my life not feeling comfortable with how I look. The currently popular #10YearChallenge is helping me…
A home must feel safe and be a place where we belong. But what if our body doesn’t feel safe and we’re told our body is not our own?
Almost 10,000 black Americans lost their homes in the Greenwood massacre of 1921. If you don’t know this history, you’re not alone. But it’s time that…
(Interiority and a Happy Snail) Learning to be present and comfortable with solitude.
Just because you’re good at a job doesn’t mean you’re meant to do that job forever. Living a purposeful life where your work is a vocation requires…
Effervescence is a gift
The Wisdom of Pooh
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