Jan, love this, for lots of reasons! Thanks for posting it. xo

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I love this…..just because.

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Somehow, I vaguely feel that you write your thoughts based on your life keeping it as a benchmark.

When a person gives anything - may be help, love, material things or anything - he shouldn't expect anything in return. Then life will be easier. When we look downwards we feel happy that we are better than those whom you look below. When our siblings, children,other friends and relatives prosper we should feel proud, NOT that we are left behind.

God (of whatever religion), has his own weighing scale to judge us and checks our patience by torturing us so that one can become like pure gold having undergone the difficult processes. We learn so much in life when we undergo such upheavals.

We married for 33 years now and have very good rapport in life having two loving children well settled. We did share our sorrows and Happy moments with them. And when we faced any difficulties I used to give examples of mythology (Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc.) and such situations were solved in such epics. We don't expect anything from them than wishing them good life.

So Happy life is achieved by Art Of Giving...and sacrifices.

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Agree with so much of this.

I'm no good at cohabitating, but my best relationships involved spending the night all snuggley and then returning to our respective homes.

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Thank you for this, Jan! A great reminder that marriage can take many forms, and that expecting one person to satisfy all our needs all the time is kind of silly.

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