Can't wait for part 2.

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My problem is that I often, unrealistically, prefer the houses before they're fixed up.

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Apr 2, 2022Liked by Jan Peppler, PhD

This is FASCINATING Jan! Love going on these armchair adventures with you. Watched the Business Insider video— so interesting to see what’s happening. I can’t wait to read more installments of your blog.

PS. I mentioned in a previous comment that you might think about pitching this for a reality show, which might help with financing of project. I see that the actress Lorraine Bracco (sp?) has already done that— she obviously has connections to the entertainment industry. But still— maybe worth trying? About 4 years ago daughter Caroline did her senior project— initially it was about a “show runner” in LA. I sat in while she interviewed him. His whole thing was to pitch ideas to producers and then—if the idea was picked up (admittedly rarely, since producers get tons of pitches) create the show from A to Z . Anyway… this would lend itself to that. Of course there are lots of home renovation shows already, but (aside from Lorraine Bracco’s episodes) this would be unique?

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