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What do Harry Potter, Little Women, and Lady Bird have in common? They all have interesting representations of Mom. Where the Wild Things Are does too.
To be tethered is to be connected, fastened, bound, or confined.  To be tethered is to be home.
Today we recognize the 574 tribes of Native Americans in the U.S. today and the millions who were here when we took their homes.
Living in a city can mean continuous bombardment by noise. But leaf blowers are always jarring. Enjoying tranquility in our yards and parks is priceles…
Chewing has become exhausting. I wish I had understood that decades ago when I made soup for my father.
Is it really a home if it has a nightclub in it? A 10,000-bottle wine cellar? A beauty salon and juice bar?
Thomas Rhett has a new song where he says, “It sure is good to be country again” and I’m struggling to understand what that means. What does it mean to…
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